Sometimes Saying “Hello" to Someone Means a Lot to Them

You never know how powerful and kind a simple greeting can be

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There is often not enough kindness in the world. There are other things, of course, that are not so good, but let’s not address them because we know what they are. Let’s talk about kindness.

There are ways that all of us can be kinder every day.

  • We can say “hello" in a nice manner
  • We can smile
  • We can do little things that maybe nobody will notice but will make things better
  • We can give up our seat on the train
  • We can offer to babysit

There are so many things we can do to show kindness. Try to think of ways you can be kind to those you see every day.

You never know what kind of bad day someone might be having or what they’re going through, and often someone saying a kind word to them is the best part of their whole day.

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