Sometimes You Get Lucky

Darrin Atkins
3 min readFeb 14, 2024

Good things surely will happen to you

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When things don’t go well, and when you get disappointed and disillusioned, I want you to remember something.

Sometimes you will get lucky.

I’m not kidding about that. It’s a near certainty and a virtual guarantee that some good luck will find you throughout your life.


“Not me,” you might say.

“I’ve never won anything," somebody else might declare.

But the thing to remember is that there is all kinds of luck, and some of that luck is hard to quantify or qualify.

  • Avoiding a car accident. Now this is seriously lucky, if you have gone years or decades without getting in a car crash. Consider a freeway with some vehicles going over a hundred miles per hour and you can understand luck.
  • Finding money. This is one of the great lucky experiences on the planet. Sometimes I only find spare change, but I am hoping to discover more. Keep looking every day!
  • A loving partner or spouse. What are the odds that you would end up with the wonderful person in your life? It boggles the mind how things could turn out differently due to little decisions made here and there.
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If you are having a tough time lately, I want you to know that it’s important to keep trying in life and keep believing that good things are going to happen to you.

After all, every day people win big jackpots in the lottery. It’s true, though I’m not recommending that you become a gambler because that can lead to other problems. I might buy a ticket every once in a while and cross my fingers.

Luck is on the way. We may not know when or where lady luck will visit us, but the odds are good that it can happen.

Count Your Lucky Moments

Think back over your life and consider the times when good things happened to you or when luck visited your house.

Write down these moments and appreciate them. Say “thank you" to the stars above when something good or great happens in your life. Savor the moment and be grateful.

Stay positive in life. Remember that good luck can happen to you and wonderful moments could be on the way. Watch for them and appreciate the goodness that good luck brings to the world.

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