Sometimes You Will Win

Darrin Atkins
2 min readDec 1, 2023

That is the purest honest truth, you see

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Sometimes you will win in the game of life. Hopefully more than once.

That’s a fact. It’s true.

There is no escaping this honesty, but the trick is that if you have to believe it yourself. It’s important to internalize it on a regular basis.

Remember that job you wanted, that a hundred people applied for, that had great benefits and salary? I remember because I tried to get a similar one for myself.

I was not hired. I was not a winner that time and I realized later on the reasons why.


How many people want the job you’re trying to get? Seriously, it’s a numbers game on this planet.

Do you think you will be the winner if a hundred people are giving their best? I should have told myself, “There are too many applicants. The odds are against you."

Why not go to a company where there is a great need for workers and limited competition? After all, that is where the need is greatest. Yes, the money may be lower but the odds of getting hired are much higher.

Your Strengths

Are you running a sprint when you should be doing the high jump? People make mistakes like this all of the time.

What experience do you have that demonstrates your ability and passion? Discover and list your best strengths and skills and see how you can match them to something that lets you win or be accepted.


Often in life we don’t get what we want because of bad timing. Maybe we missed the deadline. Maybe the hiring period is over now.

If you want to win something, make sure your timing is right. Wait for your opportunity. Submit before the deadline. Get everything in on time.

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Sometimes you will win in life. That is an absolute fact on this planet.

If you want to win more, do what needs to be done every single time. Make sure the time is right. Match your skills. Avoid too much competition.

Being lucky is also a factor in any contest so do what you can to add much luck to the equation. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good, as the saying goes.



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