Take Every Win You Can

Darrin Atkins
2 min readSep 28

You may not get a lot of victories in life, so accept them whenever possible

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“Do you want to play again?” I asked recently after a game of billiards.

“You’re going to win," was the answer.

“Let’s just play. After all, sometimes anybody can win playing pool if the other player makes a big mistake.

Life is like playing billiards. Sometimes you can get something you want, like a win, if somebody else makes a crucial mistake or defeats themselves.

Let’s say you are hoping for a promotion. If you stick around long enough, you might discover that small errors by others lead to them going away or moving elsewhere. You can have your chance soon enough.

Keep trying. Pursue your dreams and be the best that you can be every single day. Good things can and will happen to you eventually.

Winning and Losing

Often in life you don’t have to look at the world as winners and losers. It’s more complicated than that.

Life is about opportunities. You may get some today or you may not. There could be something available tomorrow or it might happen years later when you least expect it.

Be ready for your next chance in life. Understand that it can happen out of the blue on a completely different timeline.

“It’s a tie game," I said as we both had one ball left in our next pool game, except for the eight ball which is for both players.

He did his turn and I did mine. At last he got his ball inside a side pocket. Then soon after he knocked in the eight ball and he became the winner.

“You won!" I said.

“That was great," he said as we left the place.

Indeed, it was a very close game. I should have tried harder to win. Each shot, in retrospect, seemed more important than ever.

How did I lose when I thought I was going to win? I believe it had to do with a lack of focus and a belief that I could and should win this particular game. I didn’t count on expecting a different outcome. That was my biggest mistake.

My advice is to assume that all outcomes are possible. You may not win this game today, but you will have other chances another time. Keep believing in yourself.

Photo by Freddy G on Unsplash
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