The Beauty And Strength Of Water

Make sure you visit lakes, rivers, streams and oceans throughout the year to collect the energy of water

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

Water is held to be sacred in many cultures and countries. It is looked at in high regard for the life that it gives and the power it has to clean and purify.

What place does water have in your life? Try and think about your normal months and years and your experiences with large bodies of water in your town or country. Do you get a chance to be near lakes and streams? I hope so.

Even though we live with the coronavirus and all of the restrictions that come with it, we can still carve out time to view the wonder of nature that is water. That doesn’t mean that we should go to a beach of local rules prohibit it or if it is unsafe, no not at all.

Beyond the water that we experience every day that cleans our bodies and quenches our thirst, there is the rain that comes down and helps our plants and crops, that cleans our streets, and that helps clear the air. We need this rain on a regular basis.

Try to find ways to experience the large bodies of water that are full of life and energy. When you recognize the awesomeness of lakes and rivers, some say that a part of the strength of that body of water flows back into you.

But always remember to be safe around water and mindful of the dangers of swimming pools and oceans, or any place where there is plenty of water. Take precautions around water, wear life jackets or vests, make sure others can help each other, and take extra care for the children. Bodies of water are powerful and dangerous and should always be respected.

Make sure to take time to enjoy lakes and streams. Catch a glimpse of rivers and oceans. Marvel at the wonder of big bodies of water and take in their strength and power.

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