The Best Schooling Comes Down To Reading

Education can be a lot of things, but books are the foundation for life

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Books are one of the greatest things on the planet. They are a source for learning, of course, but they also provide opportunity for escape and fun. Hopefully there are many books in all of the households across the world.

Because of the novel coronavirus, many library systems have been shut down and people have not been able to check out physical books. That is sad, indeed, because of the importance of reading in the lives of children.

What can you do if your local library is closed?

  • Check out e-books from your library and read them on a phone, tablet or computer
  • Purchase an e-book reader and buy or rent e-books
  • Ask if your library has contact-free checkout of books, where they place the books outside on a table
  • Find a way to buy low-cost books online and have them sent to your home

With the shift to online learning, a lot of children around the world are going to fall behind in their education. The home is not ideally suited to replace the school environment.

It is very important to encourage children to keep reading as much as possible as this can help them throughout their education. Do the best that you can at making sure that there are plenty of reading materials in the home, such as books, e-books, comic books, magazines and newspapers too.

One day the libraries will fully open again. Until then, you may need to double or triple your efforts to make sure that a lot if reading is happening in the home.

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