Reach out to the Scripture in your time of need to find guidance

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If you are in a struggle, you can always turn to the Bible for help.

If you need kind uplifting words, you can find it in the Bible. There are many passages full of beauty and wonder, and they can help you rediscover the goodness in the world.

If you wonder whether or not you are loved, spend some time reading the Bible and know that the Lord cares about you and your future.

If you doubt that anything good is coming your way, read the Bible and understand that the Lord is everywhere and He can instruct His angels to assist you.

If you feel that all hope is lost, pick up your Bible and find the verses that tell you that your God is all powerful, that He created the universe and all creatures therein, and that if you ask Him, he will send strength and courage to you faster than you can believe it.

If you have fear, read the Bible and you will be strengthened and you will overcome your worries, you will conquer your demons, and you will win the fight.

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