The Blankets Are Too Hot So I Just Use The Sheets Sometimes

You need other ways to cool down when temps go up or sideways

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It was blazing hot last night in our neck of the woods and that meant we had the fan on all night.

Even with the circulation of the air, there was no way to cool off. It got stuffy and dry and uncomfortable. The minutes dragged by and sleep was nowhere to be found.

Sometimes you have to find ways to cool off when you don’t have any other choice.

You can move the big warm blankets off the bed and far way.

The cool crisp sheets should help a bit. Just lie on top of them and relax. Breathe easy and think relaxing thoughts.

Reach out to your partner and ask if there is any way you can help. Listen for the verbal and nonverbal clues and hints along the way.

The night is long and dreary when it is miserable and moist. But you have been together in thick and thin, so helping each other is what you do.

Relax as you hold each other lightly and remember your partner’s preferences.

Sleep is for the body to rest but it needs the right conditions. If you are not there yet, communicate your needs to your partner and guide each other to the point of relaxation.

Times are tough, but when you have each other, you have someone who will help you in times of need. Consider each other and your wants and desires. Show how much you care.

The night is hot and the air is dry. But these things don’t have to matter when you care for the one you love and you want to help each other get to sleep.

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