The Elevator Of Life Is Here For You

Success is a process of decisions that you make and moments that matter

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Life is like an elevator in so many ways. You can find an elevator in different kinds of buildings all over the world, and there are many floors available to you. You are always both the captain and passenger of your elevator ride.

How do you become successful in life and get ahead? There are steps that you need to take.

Call the elevator
You have to push the button to call the elevator to come and get you. This is like in life where you decide that there’s a career choice or occupation that beckons you.

Be brave and have courage. Yes, I know it can be hard if you have a job that pays the bills. That’s fine if you wish to keep it while you dream of your future self.

Once you’ve decided on a goal, make the first step of figuring out how to achieve it. Go and push the button to bring the elevator to your floor.

Get in the elevator
The next step is to wait for the doors to open and step inside the elevator. It might be crowded in there if you’ve chosen a path that others desire for themselves. It’s okay if you have competition because that means that you know you’re going to have to prove yourself.

Choose a number
A lot of people get on an elevator and just ride where others are going and hope for the best. Pick a destination that is right for you and that matches your talents and abilities.

I know from experience that sometimes in my life I was on the right elevator, so to speak, but I got off on the wrong floors. I once worked where I wanted to work, at newspapers and magazines, but not in the positions or departnents that I wanted. I had hoped to transfer into different roles that I dreamed about at those places, but nothing ever materialized. Eventually I left.

Step off the elevator
Sometimes you may get so close to where you want to go and then decide not to get off the elevator and instead go back to the lobby. That is fine. Life is full of hard choices and a lot of people don’t like change.

Try another building
There are different types of elevators all over the place. I’ve been in some elevators where you close a metal gate first and latch it, and then the inside door will close. I remember that building in San Francisco so well.

Another time I was in an elevator in Los Angeles and when it opened in the lobby there was a film crew filming a scene and there were cameras and lights all over the place. I will not forget my surprise and I will forever remember all of my friends from that building so many years ago.

Keep planning for your future self. Don’t settle for average. Don’t lose hope that your skills and talents will not be rewarded or recognized. I believe in you and know you are doing to do great things.

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