The Importance Of The Small Bargain Market Grocery Shore Or The Thrift Store Near Downtown

When stores close down, fewer choices remain for those on reduced budgets

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I miss my favorite thrift stores. Quite a few of them have closed permanently over the past few years in the San Francisco Bay Area and that really makes me sad.

Thrift stores are fun and affordable. You can save money, find things you need, and know that you are stretching your dollar. Plus, there is the joy of finding something that you will enjoy for a long time and that you don’t have to spend much money for it.

It hurts when your favorite thrift stores close forever. You know that they served so many people but that the economics for them don’t work any more. Sure, there are other their stores that are still around, but they are not the same as your favorite places.

The hardest thing is what this means in the big picture. Slowly but surely, local thrift stores and corner markets are disappearing and many likely will never return. We need more of these places in our cities and towns, and not fewer of them.

Do what you can to support your local market or favorite thrift store. Make sure you tell the managers and employees how much you appreciate them. You never know how much longer the stores will be around.

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