The Love And Protection Of God’s Angels

They are here if we need them

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Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash

The world is hurting these days but all hope is not lost. We can be protected in our darkest hours. We can be loved when life is harsh.

Good sent His angels to protect the children of the world. You may not believe in angels, but I sure do.

Have your ever wondered about miraculous events where people are saved from certain catastrophe? There are stories about people who survived a fall from hundreds of feet and lived to tell the tale. There are news reports of people who survived plane accidents or car crashes when the odds were against them.

Do you have angels that protect you and help you? If not, ask the Lord for them.

You still need to practice safety and stay out if trouble, but if you do then the angels have more time to protect you when you really need it.

How can an angel help you today? You may have some ideas, but often there are hundreds of bad things that could happen but never come to pass. Think of all of the accidents on the roads every day and then wonder how you have thankfully not been a part of them.

Believe in angels. They are all around us, ready to step in and help us when we need it the most.

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