The Party’s (Not) Over

Darrin Atkins
1 min readSep 30, 2022

Maybe (not) a little bit of fun left in the tank

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

I know you read the news

And think

It is just doom

And some gloom

I really try not to blink

The party’s over

Free money’s no more

A long hot mile

Without a smile

Gonna get thrown out the door

I know I hear

The trouble outside

Police cars there

Another scare

Maybe I need to hide

My old dear friend

I still think of you

The fun’s here to last

We’ll still have a blast

Don’t be so sad and blue

It’s all downhill

You know it is true

Trouble and stares

And cupboards so bare

This no good dark milieu

What shall I say?

You knew all along

A little frown

A lonely town

Your poem into a song

I still miss the day

But not so much the night

Who were you?

I asked too

A rhyme about a bite

We still have

Some fun in the tank

But don’t show

That you know

So little cash left in the bank

Darrin Atkins

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