The Power Of Knowing Who Butters Your Bread

You should discover who are your biggest fans and how to keep them

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These days you can almost never have too many fans, followers, or connections on your social media accounts or networks. It helps to be popular and quite often you can make money when you become an influencer.

Think about some of the most popular people in the world and how easy it is for them to generate income. They often have too many choices to make about which sponsorships to accept or which companies that they want to be aligned with.

For the rest of us regular people, we want to grow our small number of fans into a bigger number and hopefully make enough money to be able to work from home on a regular basis. This is a very big goal for millions of people, especially these days when the economy is in deep trouble.

If you are just starting out in a side hustle, business, or company, you are probably thinking about getting your first customers and you want them to be satisfied enough to return again. If you are a writer or producer of video content, you might want fans or followers. These long-term customers or fans are the ones that that butter your bread, as the saying goes. They keep you in business.

What can you do to keep around the people who butter your bread so they don’t unsubscribe or stop following you on your media channels?

  • Give them some attention. People like having themselves mentioned or having a comment posted on their work or about it. Others like to receive a personal message from you.
  • Appreciate them. Have you ever commented on something and the person did not reply at all? Yes, some people are busy, but it takes just two seconds to send some form of virtual thanks. Make sure you try to do this for your fans, especially your regular followers.
  • Include them. People love being invited or offered to be a part of something. While they may not be able to join or do not have the extra time at the moment, they still like the part about being included.
  • Remember them. Are you blasting off into superstardom while leaving your biggest fans in the dust? Oh no. Please don’t. It’s probably bad karma if you do that, so try to find a way to let them peek into your skyscraper penthouse.
  • It is important to always stay safe and not share your personal or contact information. Keep things professional as much as possible.

Hopefully some of these ideas resonate with you and you can focus on the importance of gaining more traction online. Build up a big base of fans and followers who help and support each other.

The future is going to be kind to and reward those who can survive and thrive in the goal of building a sustainable presence on the internet and in the world of e-commerce.

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