The Power of Positive Belief Systems And Their Effect On Your Mood

Do your best to think good thoughts about being productive and helpful

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It is easy to fall into a negative feedback loop these days. Because of high unemployment and general fear of going anywhere, stress is increasing and more people are worried about the immediate future. If you add in personality issues or interpersonal conflicts, you have very difficult days indeed.

Can you get back to a positive feedback loop system and out of the one that is spiraling out of control? Yes, that is possible but it is going to take extra effort.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Stop yourself when you have negative thoughts about your self worth or your life
  • Work hard at thinking positive thoughts and good ideas about the future
  • Write down some good things that will be happening soon
  • Think of things you enjoy and plan to do some of them
  • Recall the happiest times in your life and think of how you can get back to that mindset
  • Communicate with your favorite people
  • Stop worrying so much about bills
  • Try not to think of worst-case scenarios like losing your home

We all need to do our best to reprogram our minds so that we stay in the positive feedback loop so we have the mental strength and stamina to get through the next few months. It takes everyone in the family to do this and every individual moment is crucial.

Take the time to discover what is happening in your household regarding interpersonal relationships and each person’s external and internal reactions to each other. Learn how you can talk differently, react differently, and think differently to grow and maintain positive thinking and a belief in a wonderful future.

This process of reacting differently could take specific steps:

  • Stop what you are doing and check in on your emotions and thoughts
  • If you are feeling negative or angry, ask why you are feeling this way
  • Was it something specific that was done or said, or did you read in between the lines and find something that was not intended at all?
  • Try to control or reduce the speed at which you think or respond, because often it becomes too easy to snap back or think too quickly
  • Monitor yourself throughout the day too see if your mood is turning negative and your thoughts are becoming counter productive
  • Try to become productive and busy at finding solutions and improving your life
  • If you need professional help for yourself or others, make sure you dial a phone number and get started on that process

We are all on this planet together and each and every one of us has our own way of processing our reality. It is too easy to start worrying or panicking about ruining out of money or losing our home or vehicle.

Do your best at keeping your positive feedback loop going in your mind. Help yourself by focusing on the good in your life and the wonderful things that are going to happen to you and your loved ones in the future.

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