The Power Of The Lord Will Help You In Your Time Of Great Need

All you have to do today is ask

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It is easy these days to think that there is no one to turn to in your darkest hour, when you need help the most, and when all hope is gone. A lot of people think that they will not be able to overcome their challenges, the mountains that look too big and foreboding to ever be conquered.

The truth is that you can make it if you stop for a moment and ask the Good Lord for help. That is the first step you need to take, to sincerely ask for strength, for love, and for the power of the Lord to descend upon you.

That is not to say that you should go and join the nearest church or call up the first religious organization in the phone book. That is not necessary, unless that is something you want to do and feel that is right for you.

You just need to make that first leap of faith, in a being you cannot see, and in a love for your life that you cannot prove.

Regardless of which religion you belong to and which religious principles you adhere to, you probably have some belief in a higher power that can help you. Take the step and reach out. Find a quiet spot in your home.

You will notice that I suggest asking for strength and love. These things are the most powerful forces in the universe, to know that you are loved and to know that you have a strong mind to overcome obstacles that stand in your way.

Go ahead and ask for strength and ask for wisdom to help guide you in life. Soon after you ask you should feel some peace come into your heart.

Most of us will have our burdens to carry and our challenges to overcome. But overcome we must to make it in this world.

We are all the little children of the world and we need to remember that. But we need help from time to time.

If you need help and are worried about the future, make sure you carve out a few minutes of the day to ask the Lord for strength so that you can find ways to help yourself and your family members.

After that, get to work on finding solutions, contacting friends and family, looking for free food for families if you need it, calling free mental health services or suicide hotlines, and obtaining information on assistance from your governments.

Lastly, take the time to think of the past week and all of the positive things that happened to you and all of the hope and joy that surrounds us.

I believe that the Lord will give us His love and strength and that His angels will protect us. I also believe that we need to keep busy at doing everything we can with our hands and minds toward making our lives better in every way possible.

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