The Slow But Sure End Of Fun Shopping Malls

The idea of fun and leisurely shopping malls is probably not going to last much longer

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Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

I remember spending many days and nights in shopping malls throughout California. I grew up around them and they were always a part of my life.

But shopping malls are going the way of the dinosaur, and I don’t think that malls are ever coming back. Extinction is hard but it is a part of life, I guess.

What happened? We all know that the internet and online shopping crushed the reasons why we visited shopping malls. Why pay full retail prices when you can get much lower prices, no taxes, and free shipping? That is how it all began, with those incentives, and suddenly the future of shopping was written in stone.

Things have changed. I miss wandering up and down shopping malls, hanging with friends or family, stopping for dinner, browsing new books, and doing everything else you could think of.

Now all I have are memories of shopping malls and not having that place to go to see others and just be together. It’s like the internet and online shopping is doing everything it can to keep people at home. It’s a whole new world out there.

I wish we had a central shopping area in each neighborhood in the country, so people could meet friends and build social connections in person. We could have exercise areas and places for sitting on benches under trees.

I wish we could bring back some form of the shopping mall. If you didn’t grow up by spending your time there, well, it was a fun place to be.

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