There Are Fire Breathing Hot-Blooded Gossip Turncoats Hiding Out

And how to forgive them every day of the year because you should

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If you can find love in your heart, you can forgive the fire breathing hot-blooded gossip turncoats that can’t help but betray you day and night.

You know the ones that I mean.

They smile and act polite in front of you and ask about your day and how your garden is doing and if you heard the news about the famous beautiful celebrity who is selling a new skin cleanser that does wonders.

And then that person stabs you in the back.

I don’t mean literally, of course. I mean that their smile disappears and their frown shows up and you can see their anticipation as they can’t wait until they get to a dark corner so they can share some tidbit of info to another turncoat and they can gossip until their ears turn red and the sun melts in the sky.

Make sure you pray for them and wish then well because they have their reasons for what they do.

And their hot-blooded fire breath of sinister talk will one day be just a distant memory as we move along this dusty planet and the Earth takes another turn around the sun.

Let the turncoats do their devious betrayals and witness the goodness escape from their hearts as sure as the morning dew evaporates in the hot sun.

Have love in your hearts and don’t dwell on the dark paths of others who seek out those who would affirm their sharp-tongued attacks.

Lead by example and show the world the love you have to give. Let those who breathe gossipy fire enjoy their time in the coliseum of great beasts whose only goal is to scratch and claw in the social wars of society.

Have a beautiful day and seek out positivity and warmth in the kindness of wonderful people.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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