There Are Many Jobs In Demand During The Coronavirus Crisis

If you want to work, be persistent about contacting certain industries

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If you have been laid off or have suffered reduced hours, you may have found yourself at home due to recent government orders. Whereas normally you might have gone out to apply for different work right away, there are now restrictions as to who can or cannot be traveling and where they can go.

But what if you really need to work because you have big expenses and you don’t have enough savings to last? Well, there are exceptions to the rule, as the saying goes.

Steps In Seeking New Employment in Essential Services

First, look up the most recent stay-at-home order for your state or region to find out which employers are deemed essential. You should be able to find this information in the local online news for your area.

Next, consider the type of employment experience you have and the range of skills you have accumulated. This is important to be able to tell if you have a chance at being offered work in one or more of the industries that are classified as essential.

Then after that, start calling, emailing, or applying online to the businesses and companies in your city or county so that you can get hired. This can definitely be done by computer from home or even through the use of your mobile phone.

Some Types Of Essential Industries That Are Likely To Hire

  • Healthcare Services. Yes, healthcare providers such as hospitals and pharmacies definitely need good experienced employees, like they have needed them before and will continue to do so. If you have any background or employment experience in anything related to medicine or dental care, then you should reach out to your friends and colleagues in these industries to ask if companies are hiring and the process to apply.
  • Transportation Services. It is still crucial for people to be able to be able to get to work or medical appointments so there needs to be people who can help with this. Although there is likely to have been a drop in some areas, such as ride hailing services, there is still some work to be found.
  • Auto Repair. I have heard that some areas of auto repair have been deemed essential and I understand that this is important. Consider if grocery store vehicles are not working well and need to be fixed, or medical transportation vans start breaking down. If you have mechanical skills, make sure you contact local shops in your area.
  • Restaurants and Food Delivery. This field definitely has a high need for employees. Millions of people are not good at cooking food for themselves so they need to purchase cooked food for pickup or delivery. Others can cook but they need to have groceries delivered to their home. If you are good at driving and have a good driving record, consider doing this type of work. There should be plenty of openings.
  • Childcare Services. Yes, there are childcare or daycare centers that are open. You might want to check your area for specifics. A lot of the workers who are allowed to go to their jobs need childcare for their children as nobody is at home for them.
  • Food Growers and Farmers Markets. As you know, food is in high demand right now, given that a lot of people are stocking up and filling up their pantries. Consider if you have experience in food distribution or farm work, or driving for these areas, and then reach out to see if they are hiring in your area.

Do your best at keep trying to find work and consider accepting the employment offers that match your skills. Now is not the time to negotiate too long over specific benefits or try to get a bigger salary than others. If the offer is fair, which it should be, go and ahead and accept it and get to work right away.

A global recession is upon us now and soon it will be hard to find a job for millions of people. Be a good employee in your new position and work hard. Be thankful for your position and have a positive attitude.

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