These Are The 10 Things I Like About Love

There is joy and goodness in people

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Love is a wonderful thing. It can shine light into the darkest time and it can comfort those who feel uncared for.

Here are the top ten things that I like about love:

  • Love is unlimited. You can always create more love for yourself and for others.
  • Love can help you forgive yourself.
  • Love will give you strength to forgive others.
  • Love is powerful. It can reach across thousands of miles.
  • Love doesn’t end. If you feel loved by someone, it can stay in your heart even after that person passes away.
  • Love can be expressed in many ways, both verbal and nonverbal.
  • Love can be nurtured and grown.
  • Love is ready for you. It can stay ready for you when you need it.
  • Love can heal your soul.
  • Love is waiting for you.

Take some time today to show others that you love them. It can be a small touch or a soft word.

We all want and need to be loved, but we need to make sure we give love to others as well. Let us all do it best to spread our love to those who are close to us.

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