They’re Coming For Your Tiny Spaces

Be ready or else the big things will find a way inside your closet

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Photo by Kirill Sharkovski on Unsplash

Do you ever find that you have more stuff than ever before, and even more so the week after? It’s like things keep multiplying in the home, even when you’re not awake.

I checked the downstairs hall closet the other day and it was completely full. It wasn’t cluttered or jam-packed or anything like that. But there was no space left.

What is all the stuff that is in there? We haven’t shopped much at all this year, and we definitely didn’t go to shopping malls or retail outlets.

I couldn’t tell you what was in the closet if you paid me. Oh no, I know that there are some toys in there and some hats too, plus some jackets and sweaters and maybe a few earmuffs. Why do we have this winter stuff when it never seems to get cold in California? I don’t get it.

There in the closet is a Washington Nationals baseball team cap, and that is nice, and they are a great team in the National League, but it makes me wonder why there is no baseball team called the Americans. They would be in the American League, of course, and I bet they would win their division the first year they tried.

We don’t buy that much stuff and we are not spenders at all, but the good old stuff has a way of finding a home in some part of the house. I think it’s hard to let go sometimes, hard to donate the little things that brought joy and fun to our lives.

I’m trying to slow down time because each day feels a bit faster than the day before, even being at home so much when there isn’t much adventure or excitement. So maybe I’ll look around the house again and not think about this or that or how long it has been with us.

The big things that take up space are looking for a home, and that’s okay. We have room for them and they can stay as long as they want. After all, life is short.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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