Yes I am hereby taking it because it has some valuable minerals

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Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

Maybe you read about an interesting topic in the news. A lot of companies are racing to try to get at valuable rocks and minerals that are on moons and asteroids.

It sounds like a good idea, though a bit too complicated for me.

I think I will just start claiming things before others get to them.

So, in jest, I hereby claim:

  • Acres 419 and 872 on the south side of the Earth’s moon
  • Asteroid Pick65-H4
  • Comet Gls99-2j
  • Planet Hortitt-Andre 9

There, I have officially started the process of claiming these non-Earth locations. Just kidding, of course. I don’t want anyone taking me seriously because, officially, this article is just for fun and I am not doing any of this.

You can bet the race is on for the retrieval of these rare minerals that are all over the galaxy. I am a bit concerned about what could happen if something bad was hiding in these extra-terrestrial items. Seriously, that is a big concern.

Anyway, let’s just pretend that none of this is really happening.

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