Three Vampires Chased and Bit Me Tonight After Sunset

It’s getting harder to survive out here in the forest on my own

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

I’m not one to complain, but I really hate vampires. I’ve hated them for years because they seem to despise me for some reason.

I know what you’re thinking, that I’m just paranoid or super sensitive or some crap like that. No, not true. Vampires really want to kill me.

It’s morning now. Last night was a horrible experience and that’s saying something because I’ve been in hundreds of bare knuckle fights with all kinds of living beasts.

“Good to see you again," was the first whisper I heard last night after sunset.

I raced off to the thick group of trees at the top of the hill. The vampire Arturo seemed to know my destination as I could feel the rush of wind as he sped in front of me and then behind me and started to bite my shoulder blades. I hated that.

I got to my trees and found the machete I had hidden. With lightning speed, I whipped it hard and sliced Arturo’s legs.

“Damn you, damn you to hell." He cursed when he was in pain.

Admittedly, I had made sure that when the machete had been sharpened yesterday, I had asked for garlic to be rubbed all over it. And of course garlic is like poison to vampires.

Arturo took off into the darkness.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

It was pitch black in the late evening now. I didn’t mind the stillness and I didn’t mind being chased. All I knew was that I had a short time to get to the other side of the hills.

Vampires seem to know when one of their kind has been injured. Soon enough the vampire Strake got close.

“You should be dead," he said as his fangs showed.

I could tell he was thirsting for my blood. The cuts on my shoulders meant that the smell of my blood was in the air.

“I should be a lot of things, but I’m against the dead life.” I was being honest.

Strake floated in the air and I could tell the second that he would be close enough to sink his fangs into me. In a flash he was right at me, but my reflexes gave me the speed to lift up the wooden dagger and pierce it into his chest.

“We should do this more often," I said as I punctured his heart and lungs.

I nearly made it over Horatio Hill when the vampire Sheila announced her presence. She needed to get to me.

“You got past the others," she said with a hint of pride.

“Yes, to get to you."

Sheila bit me over and over and it didn’t hurt a bit. You see, she had made me one of hers a long time ago. Her bites were not dangerous to me.

“Do I hurt you?" she said with worry.

“You never do," I answered. “Except when you’re not around."

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