Tips On How To Keep Open Your Window Of Opportunities

Try to maximize your success before it’s too late or time has run out

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We are living in difficult times and an uncertain future. But doesn’t mean you have to stop planning for a full and wonderful future.

It is very important that we keep striving for what we want our if life that we don’t just settle for whatever it is that happens to us. We have to keep setting goals and keep trying to reach them.

You will have some opportunities in life and they could be fleeting and rate. These are little called windows of opportunities and often you may not know how long they will be open for you before they are slammed shut.

How do you manage to keep these chances open longer?

  • Be willing to travel or even move to wherever there is opportunity
  • Keep communicating with recruiters or industry leaders so you stay on their mind
  • Be persistent yet professional
  • Explain how you can help and be of value to their school, organization or company
  • Start earlier in the process than others
  • Stay around longer in case people before you change their mind or withdraw
  • Be ready and available
  • Be punctual and timely
  • Show how your up-to-date on skills and relevant experience

These chances in life at certain roles or positions in school or society can happen fast and without notice. Here are some examples:

  • A promotion at the office
  • A starting quarterback role for the backup player on the football team
  • A starting role in a play for the understudy
  • A job at a new technology form
  • A lead sales position

Remember to be ready when you find yourself with new changes to go in different directions. Be open to the challenges that life offers and go and achieve the success that you deserve.

You may not be in the position in life that you desire at the moment. But like in football games where the first and second quarterbacks can’t play due to injury and it’s your turn to show what you can do, go and do your best to win the game and accept your destiny.

writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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