Tips On How To Maximize E-Learning And Online Schooling In Times Of Crisis Or Lack Of Work

We need to optimize the time and space that we have at home for learning

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If you are a parent of school-age children, you are likely facing a wide range of new and challenging situations. Many schools and school districts around the world are suddenly closed and the only chance at learning is at home through online learning.

Many families are only used to having their children learn at school and they are not prepared for the home to be used as a substitute for everything that normally happens at a physical daycare, elementary school, middle school, high school, or college.

How can parents of young children be able to have them succeed in a completely new setting when that place is where all of the normal home activities occur? There are ways to do it right and we all have to pitch in to make it work.

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Here are my suggestions for helping make e-learning, online schooling, or distance education succeed:

  • Prepare a comfortable space. This includes a chair, desk area, and lighting. Hopefully it can be a private place away from other distractions with some clamness.
  • Make it a quiet zone. Do your best to find a learning space that does not have excess noise.
  • Have supplies ready. Even though the work may be done online, it always helps to have other supplies, like pencils and paper, ready and available.
  • Reliable internet. Make sure your internet connection is working and that the laptops or tablets being used for education are physically near the wifi router or internet source.
  • New or updated computer or tablet. Hopefully your electronic device is new or fairly new. If not, try to update the software or operating system.
  • Social support. Even though there is plenty of other stressful events and situations happening, try to offer as much social support you can to your children and their teachers.
  • Encouragement. Everyone is going through a lot these days. Try and go above and beyond with your support, encouragement, sympathy, empathy, and strength. We all need to lean on each other.

We will get through all of this calamity if we unite with each other with distance learning and online schools. Be patient and do your best to help the children succeed. Encourage them and be proud of how they are adjustment and rising to the challenge.

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