Tips On Keeping Busy When There’s Nothing To Do At Home

Fill up your day with good projects that help you feel good

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The weekdays seem endless when you’re home instead of being at work. The hours seem to rush by at the same time the clock hands are barely moving at all. It’s an endless wait for an uncertain future, with each passing day bringing more looming layoffs or countries closing their borders.

How are we supposed to fill up our days when we can go almost nowhere and only the select few can go to their jobs? Well, we have to find a way.

Here are my suggestions on how to be productive and fill up your day with meaningful tasks:

  • Set a schedule for your day and put it in writing
  • Set aside specific morning time blocks for urgent matters
  • Carve out different days for non-essential tasks
  • Stick to your schedule as much as possible by looking at your watch or clock
  • Make to-lists and check off items as you accomplish them
  • Give yourself rewards or incentives along the way
  • Ask others to be involved or help in some way
  • Break apart larger projects into manageable parts
  • Schedule time for breaks and relaxation

It is very easy to let time merge into itself when you don’t have a routine schedule with distinctive parts. Remember when you woke up, got ready, headed to the train, walked to the office, and started work? That seems so long ago. You need to get back to some sort of schedule.

What can do you that helps yourself while at home?

  • Sit down at a table and write out your thoughts on paper
  • Keep writing and see what you know for sure about your job or career, if you’re getting paid or not, and what types of unemployment compensation or social services benefits you will receive
  • Plan for your future or for a new future
  • Ask family members for help and guidance
  • Boost your work-from-home computer or video conferencing skills
  • Read the news to see which companies are hiring and when they are taking applications or holding interviews
  • Review your household finances, your current and future income, and your expected expenses in the near future and down the road

It may be a long time until the world gets back to what it is like just a month ago. We have got to keep busy, keep being productive, and keep doing our best to have a full and rich life, regardless of the restrictions being placed on us.

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