Tips On Using Twitter To Help Promote Your Stories And Articles To The Whole World

Twitter is a fun, easy, free and very effective way to micro-blog

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If you are looking for a fun and free micro-blog for fun or to promote your business or writing, you should consider using Twitter. It is easy to use and helps you grow your reach.

I have been using Twitter for quite a while. My current Twitter profile is geared mostly to my hobby of birds and birding, but I also use it to promote my writing on Medium. Check out my Medium profile and you will see a link to my Twitter page.

What can you do on Twitter?

  • Grow your hobby
  • Meet people
  • Set up and display a link to your website
  • Share your thoughts
  • Send out tweets
  • Comment on other tweets
  • Retweet something you think is wonderful
  • Show you appreciate something on another tweet or retweet by clicking the like button
  • Follow others that you like

How should you use Twitter?

  • Try to follow people you genuinely like
  • Be polite to others
  • Be distinct and different
  • Retweet those tweets you want to support
  • Like the work of others

Is there anything important to remember about using Twitter?

  • There are technical limits to how many people you can follow
  • Don’t start following a big number of people in a row or Twitter might make you wait a while to follow more
  • Be genuine about why you’re on Twitter

Remember that you should use Twitter because you want to, not because you think you have to do so. There is so much fun on Twitter and it is a great service used by millions of people around the world.

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