Tips To Keep Alive Youth Sports Dreams During These Tough Times

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the next few months

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  • Keep asking. If a child has been asking all winter about signing up to play on a baseball team, and now spring has arrived and there is no way to sign up, show him or her your efforts to contact the organizing group and read back any replies. Make sure you continue your efforts on a weekly basis.
  • Skill work. Yes, you may not be able to gather in groups to practice, but you may be able to practice and improve your sports skills at home or at a local park.
  • Plan for the future. Start blocking out dates when you think the community sport or team will be active and keep the dream alive.
  • Create alternatives. If your child has been waiting months for a specific sport, and now it seems like the window of time for it has gone for this year, ask your family members if they could play together and be like a team. Something like this is better than nothing at all, in my opinion.
  • Call or email your favorite professional sports teams. There is usually someone responding to fans, so make sure this is a part of your weekly activities. You can always stay connected to professional teams in some way.

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