Top 10 Reasons To Write For Medium Every Week

Yes, there are so many great reasons to be writer on Medium these days

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If you are a writer and you just love to write, you’re in luck. There is an app and website called Medium where you can write all that you want. If you’re reading this right now then you already know a little or maybe even a lot about Medium.

I’ve been writing for Medium for about six months and I have some tips to share. Granted, these are my own observations and experiences, so your mileage may vary as they say. Keep your expectations at an appropriate level.

Here are my Top 10 reasons to write for Medium.

  1. It’s free. Yes, completely free. It is indeed. You don’t have to pay a penny if you don’t want to pay. Never? As far as I know, you don’t have to give any money ever if you don’t want to. What about that five dollar a month thing I’ve heard about? Well, yes, I pay that myself so I can read all that I want every month. But there have been some months that I didn’t pay that amount, for whatever reason, so I like to be in control of that. It’s really not that much money anyway. Either way, there are millions of Medium writers who pay the money and millions of them who don’t.
  2. You get paid money. Wait, what? Yes, I don’t know all the details exactly, but if you write a lot and your content is great and a lot of people read your work, then you can make some side money. A lot of money? Okay, calm down. There are articles about writers who made a thousand dollars last month on Medium, and I have no reason to doubt them. Just read their work on Medium and you can see how much effort they put in every week and every month. I’m sure they treat it like a full-time job. So remember that it takes a lot of effort, time and energy to be one of the top writers on any website.
  3. You get the app. I use the Medium app all the time. Every once in a while I log in on the website, but I use the app most of the time. It’s easy and fun and often I feel like an investigative reporter where I’m trying to get my big news scoop and I have my camera ready to get some photos of the action. I can’t wait to write something so great that they give me an award to put above my fire place. Take that Peter Parker!
  4. You get to meet other writers. Oh, I can think right now of some of my favorite Medium writers and, well, they probably know I’m talking about them in this sentence because yes I’ve clapped for them a lot this week and commented and highlighted too. They’re probably thinking, what, Darrin again, doesn’t he ever sleep?
  5. You get to read the work written by other writers. Yes, that is one of the biggest reasons why Medium is so popular. There are so many stories to read and poems too. There are politicians, of course, and those who write erotica, and don’t forget which is which. You can search for your favorite topics or find your favorite writers.
  6. You get a free website. Wait, really? Yes, it’s all right there on a website page where people can read your work and also see your claps and highlights. It’s free? Yes, it’s free. No maintenance fees? No, nothing like that. And I think a lot of people forget about this, but I don’t. You get this free beautiful website that shows your work and helps to make you money.
  7. You get free Twitter cross-promotion. See, I like Twitter myself though I took me a while to get comfortable with it. But once you are ready, you can integrate your Twitter account and then use Twitter to promote your Medium work and anything else too.
  8. You develop an online presence. This is so important these days for all kinds of reasons. Medium is so easy to use and there are so many ways to incorporate it to help promote your business or hobby.
  9. You increase your writing skills. This is important, of course, because good writing goes a long way on this planet.
  10. You can learn so much about the whole world and meet writers from dozens of countries. I stop sometimes to think of all of my favorite writers on Medium and how they are located in all kinds of different cities and cultures.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and that you give Medium a try and see how it works for you. And now, this story is almost over, but tomorrow is another day and then it’s back to work on writing something new.

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