Top 10 Ways To Get Ahead In Life

These ideas might work for you so give them a try

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Here are my ideas for the top ten ways to get ahead in life:

  1. Work harder than anyone else. This seems fair, generally speaking. Read a bunch of biographies about successful people and you will probably find a common theme of being willing to work more than a hundred hours a week. That’s a lot. But it may not feel like a lot of you really enjoy what you’re doing and can’t wait to get to work. Imagine if you loved dolphins very much and then you get a job taking care of orphaned dolphins and helping them rehabilitate. I mean, seriously, what a wonderful opportunity and I would be the first person to show up and the last to leave if they gave me that job. Or imagine if you were being paid to play hockey professionally in Canada and you had dreamed about it every day growing up. Believe me when I say that your work ethic is going to be pretty high.
  2. Have better social skills. Yes, it’s true that some people get ahead because of who they know or how quickly they can get into the good graces of those who are in charge. This is a fact if life. People may complain about it but secretly they may be wishing they had the ability to do what these others can do on an interpersonal level.
  3. Be better at learning or adapting to technology. Are you stuck in the old ways of doing things and are slow to adapt to new software or databases? I hope not. The latest computer coding skills are in hot demand because of simple supply and demand principles. There is usually a shortage or low supply of those with the experience of specific software applications.
  4. Be wealthy. This isn’t that easy to do, of course, because only a small percentage of the population is rich. The importance of being in different socioeconomic groups has to do with the connections inherent in those segments of the population and the knowledge they have about how to succeed.
  5. Be faster. Do you know that expression about how speed kills? Imagine a cheetah in the wild. You can bet on the fact that the cheetah is probably going to outrace all of the other land animals. If you can be faster or earlier than your competitors, then you have an advantage.
  6. Be better at research. Some people do a little research on their industry and hope that is going to be enough. And then there are others who spend countless hours looking at publicly available information about companies and corporations and trying to find how they can compete with them or conquer them.
  7. Be committed long term. Some people are thinking about winning in the short term, while others have a timeline counted in decades. What is your time horizon? Imagine that you’re going to live for a hundred years and then think about how long you want to be the victor and how you can achieve that.
  8. Set up trustworthy alliances or business partners. True friends are hard to come by these days, even more so in the cutthroat world of business. Hopefully you can team up with someone you admire and respect and you can both get along together and succeed.
  9. Be more disciplined. It is easy to be tempted by this new company or their great leader. Being disciplined means you stick to your ways of doing business and avoid unnecessary sidetracking.
  10. Avoid unnecessary risk. There’s a fine line between avoiding all risk and that of reducing your chances of big losses. If you’re in it for the long haul, you may want to stay in the conservative route even if you might miss out on some hole run investments.

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