Top 31 Things To Do At Home While On Lockdown or Shelter-In-Place

Get ready for a fun list of ideas and I hope you try some of them

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There are lots of fun things to do. Nowadays, due to the coronavirus issue, people suddenly have a whole lot of time at home. What are they going to do to fill up the day?

There is a lot of fun in this world. I am going to list some of my favorite fun things to do and I hope you can try some of them. If you can’t leave your home, then it may be time to read this list and see what you like the most.

  • Make little forts or cardboard homes
  • Play cards
  • Cook fun meals
  • Act out Shakespeare plays
  • Sing songs
  • Play musical instruments
  • Watch movies online
  • Set up the over-the-air television and get free TV channels
  • Teach your pets tricks
  • Draw and paint
  • Make movies and put them on Youtube
  • Make DIY homemade costumes for Halloween or any holiday
  • Do yoga
  • Practice karate or kung-fu
  • Call your favorite people
  • Set up a school learning area that looks like a school room and stick to a bell schedule
  • Find live online math or spelling contests for the kids
  • Quiz each other on anything
  • Learn to type or practice speed typing
  • Learn a foreign language, or another one
  • Vacuum and scrub
  • Bake cakes or cupcakes
  • Have yummy cereal with milk
  • Take pictures or videos of birds
  • Set up a live webcam of your garden
  • Make homemade crafts
  • Decorate your home for the next holiday on the calendar
  • Do trick photography that seems to show you on a fancy vacation
  • Use toys and make a video of them having fun together (with voices)
  • Race your little cars and do videos of it
  • Clean up that garden and dig up those weeds

Remember to always follow local, state, and national laws and guidelines about your movements and where you need to be. Times are really hard and we must do everything we can to be safe all the time.

Blessings to you and your family. Tell your family members that you love them and that everything will be fine. Try and have more fun in the next few months than you did for the last ten years combined.

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