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“How do I know that you really love me?" asked my lady lover.

It was a dark night and we were alone in a dark alley, and I held her close as we kissed each other hard.

The world was a bitter place and good options were few and far between.

“I need to go to work," I said after I heard footsteps come around the corner and into the alley.

“We can leave this town," she pleaded. “It’s not worth it."

She slipped her hand inside my shirt and then down a bit.

I’ll be waiting for you,” she said. " Under the covers, with nothing on.”

She made her way through the back entrance of Ted’s Tavern, and I could hear Ted lock the door behind her. She was safe now.

It was a city full of thugs and I was on the hit list. The good thing was that the local gang leaders always gave me a fighting chance, in that they didn’t let their roughnecks use guns. Tonight they brought wooden bats.

“You’re that tough guy who helps the police," said the leader of the group as they got close.

“And you’re the trash that needs to get tossed."

“You are a real smart ass." He motioned for two thugs to come at me.

If I knew better, I would skip town with my sexy lover. But I guess I don’t like being bullied.

The gangsters swung their bats at the same time. I dodged one and it cracked in half as it hit the brick wall behind me. The second bat landed hard in my gut.

“Your breath stinks," I said as I glared at the leader.

I pulled the bat away and cracked the heads of both men in front of me. They fell down unconscious.

“You’re gonna get some pain real quick! Everybody else, go get him."

Well, I don’t mind a good fight, and it doesn’t bother me if I am outnumbered.

The three next men were older and slower, but no less dangerous. They surrounded me and had fun with their bats. The pain was intense as I felt the blows.

“You missed me," I said to the one on my right. This enraged him and he lunged at me, but I tripped him and kicked him in the jaw. He yelped in agony.

The other two men got some fear. They hesitated so I lunged in and elbowed one in his throat and watched him fall hard next to a big dumpster.

I picked up his bat and walked over to the last thug.

“One on one," I said. He swung his bat hard and hurt my right shoulder, but I got in real close and gave him a knuckle sandwich that sent him into next week.

I then turned to their leader. “Tell your boss that this is my neighborhood. Try again next week. “

He left real quick. I gathered up the good wooden bats so I could donate them to a local school.

I made my way down the street and found my way into my building and then I closed the door once inside my apartment.

“I’ve been waiting for you," said my lover as I walked into the bedroom.

She was undressed like she had promised, only she wasn’t under the covers. She was on top of them.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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