Vote, If You Want A Say In Your Personal Future

Voting is crucial to help you have a voice in next generations

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Do you want more taxes? Be honest, now, because you can tell the truth. After all, that is why we have elections.

Voting is crucial because it is often a series of questions to which you can tell the government your opinion. It is rarely the case that you need only vote on a single matter, unless it is some kind of special election.

Voting is crucial because you join others who vote, you have a say in a lot of different matters, and you get to participate in the process of getting new representatives and deciding on government matters.

Who wants more taxes? Well, that’s a complicated matter, and you would probably need to vote yes or no on a number of bond issues or tax increases this year and the following years and decades.

Sometimes there are tax measures such as a small, temporary tax of less than one percent to go to improving roads and freeways that you need to consider. Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, and it would be nice to have better streets and fewer potholes.

Elections require a lot of effort in terms of reading about the issues and being informed. It is hard work and there are many who do not want to do this. But those people really should make the effort and participate.

Voting can be fun. You can think of it like the government asking you, personally, what you want. Shall these two people become the next President and Vice President? If so, vote for them and do your voting on time.

Society is changing fast. There are jobs at stake when you vote. For example, should certain companies be able to classify their workers as independent contractors or employees? That’s not an easy question, but some people may be able to have their say about it during an election this year.

Please take the time to vote this year and every election. Inform yourself and your family members of what is in the ballot and who and what you are voting for. Let’s vote and tell the government what we want.

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