Washing Hands With Soap Is Important

You need to do a good job, so make sure you are thorough. Try and enjoy the process too if you can.

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If you have read the news lately or watched reports on television about the coronavirus, you probably saw a recommendation that people should be washing their hands. Yes, this is a very good idea, for sure.

Everybody should be washing their hands with soap a few times a day or even more than that. And remember, make sure you are using good soap and cleaning your hands well.

Why do we need to wash hands?

  • Our hands and fingers touch dirty things throughout the day
  • Germs and viruses grow and multiply on our skin and fingertips
  • We often use our fingers to touch our nose and face, and that is a fast way to get sick because germs and viruses often find their way into our noses

Take a few minutes and watch where your hands go and what your fingers touch throughout the day:

  • Computer mouse
  • Cell phone screen
  • Countertops
  • Bathroom items
  • Door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Gas pump handle
  • Grocery cart
  • Money

It is easy to forget how many germs and viruses are sitting on top of the things that we touch. That is why it is so important to wash hands with soap every day.

When you take the time to make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and fingers with water and soap, you are doing one of the best things you can to help protect yourself and your family members. You should also wear a mask on a regular basis and do all you can in regards to social distancing.

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