Relax with some today

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins


You need a break

And water can help

For example

A warm bubble bath

A hot shower

They can both help you relax

A glass of cold water

Can be refreshing

Some hot water

And a tea bag

Can create a nice beverage

Water can do so much

And how about

A big water fountain

That flows throughout the day

You can park yourself

On a wooden bench

And sit and relax

Try to find some water today

Maybe outside in the rain

Or down at the river

Or over at the nearest lake

Or big ocean a few hours away

Water brings

Good energy and life

Put down those sugar drinks

And add more water in your cup

You will be surprised

When you feel better

Every single day

Just give water a chance

And you will see

What water can do for you

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