Ways To Keep Looking For Work When There Is No Work

Keep trying your best and then do more than that

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Times are tough everywhere and they may start to get worse. But we have to be tougher, tighten our belts, and push ourselves to get through this crisis. It is not going to be easy and all of us who are struggling how to find a way to survive.

If you are facing financial challenges right now, you are not alone. People all over the world are suddenly faced with innumerable and seemingly insurmountable barriers that keep them from going to work and earning an income for their family.

What can be done about it? Well, it is going to be a really big challenge for a lot of people, but we can’t give up.

Here are my suggestions for some ways to keep looking for work and trying to find ways to have some income coming in:

  • Availability. Can you be out of your house if work is available to you? There are lots of shelter-in-place or isolation orders in place that require city or county residents to stay home, but there are exceptions. But will there be someone home to watch the kids? That is an important question.
  • Essential business. Is your current or future business deemed essential and thus allowed to have employees not be at home? For example, if you really want to work and there is employment available near you in an essential business like grocery delivery, then that can work great for you. But if you’re applying for a job in a company that is not an essential business, then you might be waiting a while until the stay-at-home government order is rescinded.
  • Online jobs and careers. If you have the skills or experience for a remote position that doesn’t physically require you to be somewhere, that would be great for you and your family. Yes, try to find work that you can do via the internet or remotely.
  • Sales positions. Although a lot of retail positions are being decimated, those who have the ability to generate sales and new accounts will always be in demand. Keep track of your sales accomplishments and communicate that to employers. Thousands of businesses are dependent on new accounts and if you can do that from home, well, that is really great.
  • Writing and reporting. Many news websites and media organizations allow their editors and writers work remotely without physically being at the location of news events. If you can write and love it, look around and try to find work in your industry right away.

Remember to communicate with your family. It is okay to let others know if you need anything because internet commerce still works and people can receive deliveries of groceries or restaurant food. Nobody has to go hungry in this country.

Make sure to also contact any and all government agencies in your area. The government is there to help the local population and that is what they should be doing. Make sure to call their numbers and look up their websites.

Keep trying hard to be productive and keep busy. We can get through this with the right positive attitude and the strength that comes in knowing that we have the tenacity to fight on.

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