Ways To Maximize Distance Learning And Remote Education

Helpful tips to make sure your children are staying engaged with learning while at home

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A lot of parents and families will one again be doing schooling from home when school starts again. Whereas once we thought classes would be back on campus this time of year, it appears that is an unlikely scenario for millions of students.

How can families make sure that their children are getting the most out of distance learning and keeping up with their peers?

Here are some ideas:

  • Keep a regular schedule and stick to it
  • Find a separate space for each student and keep supplies readily available
  • Make sure there is reliable internet in the home and a good tablet or computer
  • Make sure there are clear expectations regarding quality of work and timely completion of assignments
  • Pay attention to what is happening each day and week in the student’s classroom

Remember that education does not start and stop with the beginning and ending of each school day. Learning is a constant activity where you are trying to build connections in the mind.

There are many things you can do to help your children become better students:

  • Provide new books that are interesting and fun
  • Make sure there is a regular time set aside for fun reading
  • Buy magazines and comic books
  • Find ways to provide virtual trips to zoos, parks, landmarks, countries, or other areas of interest

Parents will be faced with many challenges in this changing world, and students also have many adjustments to make in order to thrive. Do your very best to work with and support one another at home. We can do this together.

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