We Need To Stay Strong, Be Resilient, And Help Our Friends, Neighbors, and Family Members In Times Of Need

This too will pass and we have to remind ourselves of that fact

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The year 2020 is certainly going to be a challenging one around the world. It is only March and yet so many events and challenges have erupted around the world and almost every neighborhood.

We can be strong. We have the capability of facing adversity, finding solutions, and conquering problems. We will be strong.

We can be kind. We know that we will help our friends and neighbors when they need it, when they have nobody else to turn to and they are worried about coming events. We will be kind.

We can be resilient. We will take what life gives us and we will not let it knock us to the ground. We will be resilient.

We can be empathetic. We will understand that some of us have a hard time asking for help and we will not make them say the words. We will read their other ways of communicating. We will be empathetic.

We can be thoughtful. When we don’t have money or goods to offer our family members, we can say the right words at the right time. That will go a long way sometimes. We will be thoughtful.

We can be loving. Reminding people that they are loved, cared for, and needed is something that we should be doing on a regular basis, and more so in times of crisis. We will be loving.

We can be empowering. When our friends, neighbors, or family members lose their job or income, we can work to empower them by teaching them other ways to make money, to keep busy, to be productive. There are so many ideas on the internet for people to have side income. We will be empowering.

The world is changing. There will be big struggles ahead for millions of people. Economies and financial systems may buckle, but not break. We will unite and help each other stay strong.

Thing of how you can help. Find friends and family members that you can call, instead of text, and call them and talk a while. Invite people to your house for a relaxing time. Be the love you want to see in the world.

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