Who Will Be Chosen As Joe Biden’s Running Mate for V. P.?

Yes, the vice presidency position still matters quite a lot

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The excitement has been building for many months as to who Joseph Biden will pick to be his running mate on the Democratic ticket. The choice is probably a really difficult one and there is a lot to think about.

We already know that Trump and Pence are on the Republican side to try to get elected for another term. They are spending a lot of money on their campaigns. We know all about their positions.

The big secret is the person who will be named as the Democratic nominee for Vice President. Biden has already announced that he plans on picking a female for the role so we definitely want to know if he is serious about that.

What are the ramifications of the person picked to be Joe Biden’s running mate? The choice really needs to be a safe one, in my opinion, and a person free of controversy and of great character.

Stay tuned as we are going to find out real soon who will be the Democratic nominee for Vice President. If it is a woman, and the Democrats win big on election day, then history will be made next year when we have a female Vice President.

These are interesting times indeed, even though many millions of people are struggling and worried about their health and finances. Whatever happens on election day, let us hope that the winners have plans to help the economy and social relations around the world.

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