Why Every Day Should Be International Women’s Day, And 17 Tips On How Men Can Try Harder In Relationships
Yes, there’s truth to the “happy wife, happy life" saying

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People around the world celebrate International Women’s Day every year. It’s a great day to think about the work that women do.

Wait, what do you say? We need a special day to give extra attention to the work done by women? Yes, we do. It is so very true.

Women are expected to do a lot of work. Think of the book about the second shift and how much extra work is expected to be done by women in the evening or on weekends.

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Can men try harder and do more to help improve their relationships? Let me think about that. Yes, of course the answer is yes.

Here are some suggestions for men that they can do on a daily basis:

  1. Do more laundry. Yes, laundry is unlimited and needs attention.
  2. Ask how you can help. This is powerful. Often a spouse just wants to be asked.
  3. Straighten up the bed. A beautiful bed looks so nice.
  4. Finish those projects. Do the projects that have been postponed
  5. Don’t snap. Snapping is the fastest way to argument hell.
  6. Listen more. Yes, we have two wars for a reason.
  7. Be more considerate in bed. I’m not going to go into the details on this suggestion, but communication is key. Be open to expressing your wants and needs, and really listen to each other.
  8. Smile more. Yes, smiles matter very much.
  9. Say “yes dear." This phrase is one of the best ways to prevent arguments and fights.
  10. Wash the cars. Has it been a while since the cars were scrubbed clean? If so, it needs to be done.
  11. Go to work. Yes, definitely go to your job every say. This is crucial!
  12. Spend less. Ask your wife before you start canceling things, but suggestions are always welcome.
  13. Find ways to save money. There are always ways to find extra income or side money.
  14. Play outside with your kids. There are beautiful parks all over the place.
  15. Watch less television. Nothing is less productive than sitting and watching TV for long periods of time. Turn it off and save money on electricity.
  16. Tidy things. Pick up things around the house. Gravity and kids tend to move things into the floor for some reason, and it happens a lot.
  17. Be in the present. What does this mean? Well, a lot of times people are thinking about other things and planning something, but they’re not really in the moment.

These are just a few suggestions and they may or may not work for you and your relationship. If things are beyond repair, you may want to consider counseling to try to work things out.

Times can get difficult in this world. Pressures seem to multiply. Stress is everywhere. Unemployment and job losses could occur at any time.

Relationships are what keep us together and what helps us face the troubles together. Work hard on your relationship, do more to show you care, and try to maximize joy and happiness.

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