Why ‘Giving People What They Want’ In Business Is More Important Than Ever When Clients Are Scarce

How to show your business clients that you are helping them be successful

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Millions of people and thousands of businesses are suddenly in dramatically different situations, either told to stay home or forced to close up shop. Financial access to capital has dwindled and people are in panic mode to the sudden decrease in sales and business activity.

What if you are a small business and want to stay in business long after this worldwide crisis? Or what if you do business counseling and website design and promotion and need the regular income of your subscribers? Well, now is not the time to ignore your clients.

People generally want to work and be productive, and business leaders want their companies, businesses, and industries to thrive and even dominate. Small business owners and online entrepreneurs also want to keep active and do well at their endeavors.

If you have clients who pay you for services, you might need to think again about the old saying, “Give people what they want.” The reason for this motto and its effectiveness has to do with customer service, generally, and expectations fulfilled or not, specifically.

How exactly do you ‘give people what they want’ if you are the one providing services to your clients?

Here are some of my suggestions on meeting or exceeding client expectations:

  • Followers and connections. Let’s say a client has a specific goal if expanding her follower base on Twitter, LinkedIn, or other networking site. Lots of individuals and businesses base their reach on how many different followers and connections they have and how much those grow over time. This is a numerical goal based on a specific starting point. Use a spreadsheet to show the start and end points for the time in which the client is paying the provider to do the online promotion. Then you can see daily or weekly progress toward the goals.
  • Client prospects. Another goal for business owners is the amount of prospects they obtain over time because prospects often lead to sales or revenue. Set up a list to show your client how you have helped bring in specific potential clients. While you may not be able to guarantee which prospects will turn into paying clients or subscribers, it always helps to have more sources of potential income.
  • Website design and reach. A lot of virtual assistants and website designers run businesses from their home to help clients on an as-needed basis. If you are designing and building a website for a person just starting out on a virtual company or e-business, they probably do not need a fancy website with big bells and whistles where they have to pay big bucks for all the work to build it. Often a simple website with basic tools is all that is needed. Consult with your client carefully and consider the appropriate budget for their needs before taking big steps to build or design functions that will never be used.
  • Online presence. It is hard just starting out on an online business or side income on the internet. There are many hundreds of millions of companies and individuals competing with each other. If your client wants their business name to pop up first on Google after a week, then you may need a conversation about realistic expectations. If you have unique keywords, a specific location, and you’ve been working at building that company’s online presence for a while with good SEO content and connecting links and/or reviews from customers, your client’s website should be easy to find through a search engine.
  • What people want. Yes, specific quantifiable results are important to give to clients so you earn their money. You might also need to read between the lines in their communication and their goals. It could be that their success definitions differ form yours. While some people may see numbers increase or prospective clients double and they like that part, others may perceive that they are not achieving other goals. Some clients may not be able to fully articulate their specific ways of being more successful online.

Keep in mind that the world economy may be facing very dark financial times ahead and it may be years or decades before we recover. If you have clients, you may want to give them the best you can provide, and then some, and then keep them on as long-term clients as you seek out more business and prospects.

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