Will There Be A New USA President and Vice President in 2021?

The United States of America may be moving in a lot of different directions in the coming year

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As the November 2020 election in USA gets closer and closer, a lot of people are getting nervous. Yes, politics is a cruel business, with careers that can suddenly take off and end suddenly depending on whether you are on the winning or losing side.

The biggest question of all is who will win the vote for President and Vice President of the United States of America on election day. You can bet there will be controversies and hints of fraud. You can be sure that some people will contest the voting results of some counties or states. And you definitely know that there are going to be some very unhappy people.

What needs to happen on election day?

  • We need to have clear results, as in obvious winners and losers
  • We need objective results
  • We need political parties who can agree on what happened and how to go forward

What is likely to happen after election day in November 2020?

  • A lot of people will feel that their votes were not counted, or were lost
  • Many millions of people will not believe the election results, maybe because they felt that their county or state did not vote the way they did.
  • People will allege fraud and believe that their political party was illegally cheated out of a win

There is a lot of concern that the USA is going in the wrong direction right now, and many millions of others will get that feeling if the political party they voted for did not win. The USA may be fragmented but you can bet it is loved by its citizens.

There will be a lot of political advertisements online and in the media in the weeks and months to come. It is going to be an interesting and memorable political election, and you can bet there will be controversies. Buckle up, as they say, because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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