Working From Home and The New Telecommute Life

Jobs are migrating quickly to the empty spaces in your apartment or house or even your garage

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The world as we used to know it is finished. Not everything, of course, but the way that millions of us normally expected our day to happen is gone forever.

We used to have a normal progress of events for each work day:

  • Wake up early
  • Eat a quick breakfast
  • Get to the freeway fast and then go slowly on the crowded commute
  • Spend all day at the office
  • Drive home slowly bumper to bumper

The novel coronavirus has quickly and suddenly altered the future daily lives of many millions of people around the world. They are unlikely to experience the daily schedule that I just described. Their long commutes inside cars and trucks is not likely to happen again.

Well, what happened?

  • Many thousands of jobs shifted to work-from-home or telecommute status
  • Big tech companies announced that hundreds of thousands of their employees would be working remotely until next year, or later
  • Businesses that used to have employees come in to a call center, for example, are now having them use a computer at home with their own internet
  • Many millions of large companies and small businesses are going to think long and hard about how their current and future jobs can be done on a telecommute basis
  • In order to succeed, individuals need to develop skills to show they can be productive at working from home

There are many advantages to working remotely and being at home. You save lots of money on your commute expenses and you have more time before and after your scheduled work time.

It is likely that we will see many more millions of jobs shift away from a physical job location and toward the empty space you have in your residence.

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