Would People Subscribe To You (Yourself) If They Had To Pay?

There are many ways you give value and show support in real life

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  1. Love. Goodness, I’m only talking about the general meaning of emotional love here. In healthy relationships, people love each other and are comfortable being honest and direct because there is a foundation of love. There might be ways that people could subscribe to and receive emotional love on an as-needed basis.
  2. Emotional support. Are you able to give encouragement to others in their time of need and really be there for them when it is crucial? If people were paying for you to provide this as a service, they would want you to be punctual about this. They would need you to provide it right away sometimes.
  3. Encouragement. When people get down, they need to be encouraged to keep going. You probably already know how to sense this need in others. The right words are crucial here, both in real life and in your role as being paid by your subscribers.
  4. Career advice. People of all ages need career advice or support. Do you do this already? I don’t mean suggestions like make a ton of money doing this job in some far off place, but probing help like finding out what motivates a person and how to match that with a career position.
  5. Exercise and fitness. A lot of people already pay for a fitness guide or health professional to help them at the gym. But people also need this in their daily life, like in reminders to eat right and stay away from sweets. More and more people are likely willing to be a paid subscriber to those who can offer this service.

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