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If you are a new writer on Medium, you may be wondering if being here is a good use of your time. You might be unsure if this platform is worth your commitment.

I am here to let you know that I am a big fan of Medium and I truly enjoy my time here. I make money by being a Medium writer and I enjoy hundreds of great articles written by wonderful storytellers.

If you have decided to invest time and effort in being a writer for Medium, you might then wonder what you should write about. I have some suggestions for you. Granted, there are many factors that determine one’s success as a writer so it is best to keep your expectations realistic.

The first thing I recommend for a new writer on Medium is to write about things that you care about. A reader can often tell right away if you are not passionate or sincere with your writing.

What do you love and care about? That is something that you have to figure out, but that is the easy part. Most people have their own interests and passions. Some writers like gardening or cooking and so they write about these topics, and I also enjoy reading those stories.

Another idea is to write about your expertise. A lot of people love to read about specific do-it-yourself projects. I often try to find are articles that show how to make decorations out of things you can make at home.

You can write about relationships too. Most people have a large library of personal experiences that they can write about, both good and bad. There are many lessons learned by others that people don’t know about, that they can find interesting and memorable.

What about life lessons? I know I’ve made a few mistakes that I regret and I could share those with others. For example, one time a decade ago this guy recommended that I buy Apple stock. I should have done what he suggested and held onto that stock, but that’s a mistake that I live with.

What about making money on Medium? People ask about this all the time and wonder if it is possible.

Yes, the answer is definitely yes, you really can make money on Medium if you do the right things. Make sure you are in a country that Medium permits users to receive compensation for their writing. Take care to make your articles and stories set to make money by allowing this on your settings. And write quality postings on a regular basis.

Writing great articles on Medium that bring in good revenue is a challenging task. There are many factors that go into this equation.

It is not enough simply to write a fabulous story and sit back and watch the money roll in to you. You may need to promote your work on Twitter. It helps to have a following of people who love your work.

Medium is a community of writers where people support each other and try to give encouragement. Find other writers that affect you and be loyal and supportive to them. Stick around and give of yourself as much as you can.

We can all do our best to make Medium the number one destination on the internet. It takes the community of all of us. Write for Medium today and show the world what you can do as a writer and storyteller.

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