Writing Tips For Medium Writers Hoping To Gain More Followers, Fans And Readers Too

Use these simple and easy ideas to maximize your online presence

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If you are just getting started as a writer online and hoping to make money, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile or not. After all, you want to make sure your effort will be rewarded. That is similar to going to a physical workplace and knowing that you will get paid for each day you show up.

Being a writer is different. You may not have a physical location to commute to in the morning, and that’s great, but you also probably don’t have a lot of the nice benefits that come with being in a building with other people.

With the economy going south in a hurry and jobs being scarce, you might be ready to take a chance at writing articles or stories. If so, you’re going to have a lot of competition. That’s a bit of an understatement, of course.

How can you make money as a writer on Medium?

Just like other online platforms and social networks, you can make money if you are popular. Yes, that helps quite a bit. Popularity helps bring in traffic and readership. So if you are famous for whatever reason and then you write something on Medium or any website, your followers and fans are likely to take a look at it.

Medium lets people set up a profile and start writing. They offer a wonderful site for you and the website updates when you publish new material. That takes out a lot of the work that you would have to do elsewhere. I think people take that for granted, I really do, because it’s a great personalized website for your work.

What does it take to make money on Medium? Well, it depends. If you are well-known off Medium and your fans will follow you to Medium, that helps tremendously. You need lots of people to read your work, especially other Medium members who have a green outline around their profile picture which indicates they they are paying members. The time spend by paying members reading your work is where you get your money.

What if you don’t have hundreds or thousands of fans anywhere? Well, like a lot of others, you are going to have to work hard and do great writing. You have to put in plenty of time building yourself as a destination of great content. It’s easy to say, well, I wrote five stories and only made a few cents. I recommend thinking long-term about your commitment. Would I stay on Medium if there was no chance of getting paid? Absolutely I would, and that is because the platform has no advertisements anywhere and that makes it my favorite place on the web.

You may see stories written by others about the possibility of making hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on Medium. Yes, some do make it work that way and that is great. It gives hope to a lot of us so we can join them.

I recommend making Medium your destination to find great content and wonderful writers. If you also want to make some side money with your writing and content, you can do that on Medium. It may take a lot of work and effort, but it certainly is possible.

How can you get more followers on Medium?

It’s very important to have followers on Medium, but it’s not absolutely important. It’s more important, in terms of being paid, to have a lot of people spend plenty of time reading your work and sharing your content.

Some Medium writers have many thousands of followers and they are likely able to make a full-time income with their work. That is great and they set the standard in terms of how some are super successful.

If you are just starting out on Medium, I recommend that you find other writers and click on the follow button if you enjoy their work. Try and find a few each day to follow. This is important, not only for you but also for other writers.

Next I recommend that you comment whenever you have something to say. Make sure to be polite and professional with your words and how you express yourself. You don’t have to sing the praises of every piece of content, of course.

You can also highlight selected sentences or paragraphs of other writers. If something resonated with you, just highlight with your cursor and click on the highlight word that comes up.

It is a popular thing to clap for a story. Just look for the little set of hands and click on it once to give one clap. You can also hold it down to give up to a maximum of fifty claps.

All of these tips and suggestions can help you receive more followers, and you are building up your network over time. Make sure you are also writing great stories and articles, too, so people have a reason to follow you and your work.

How can you meet people and make friends on Medium?

The writers on Medium are people too, and they like to have friends. Yes, lots of fans and followers are wonderful, but online friends are crucial. I don’t mean that people on Medium go hang out offline. I consider other writers that I see on Medium on a regular basis to be something similar to a friend. We see each other’s faces almost every day sometimes so they seem like a little circle of friends.

How can you develop these quasi-friend relationships? It’s easy enough. Just be authentic and real with each other. If you like their writing, you can comment, clap or highlight their work if you want to do so. Maybe they will do the same for you. Then, one day, you will look forward to seeing their profile picture on a regular basis.

These are just some ideas that may be useful for you. Make sure you also ask the Medium writers that you admire if they could give you some advice about works for them. Most writers on the platform know how beneficial it is to interact with one another and help out whenever and wherever they can.

Making money as a writer and working from home is not going to be easy. There are many thousands of excellent reporters, journalists, and columnists who are great at what they do. There are many more thousands of writers looking for their opportunity too. But if you are committed to your goal of being a writer, there are opportunities for you.

Make sure you respect the time and effort of other Medium writers. People have committed many months or years to establishing their profiles and learning what they can do to become successful as a writer. Everyone wants the best for Medium and they hope to make a name for themselves and also earn an income.

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