Writing Tips For Writers Who Use Twitter For Promoting Their Work

Yes there is a great community

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Twitter is a free and fun way to promote your work online. It is a simple platform that everyone can use. Plus, you don’t have to pay.

How can you promote your work on Twitter and get more viewers? I am glad that you asked that question.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Set up a Twitter profile
  • Include your website in your profile so people can find your writing, articles or business
  • Follow people you find interesting
  • Engage in comments with other writers
  • Work together to promote each other and build up the community of writers and authors

As you spend more time on Twitter, you will discover that you use it more than just writing and promotion. There is a lot of fun to be had there and you can also read about news, sports and finance.

I hope you can use these ideas. Feel free to connect with me any time.

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