Yes, I Am Hoarding…Hope, Faith, Compassion, Strength, And Resolve

I have happy to share these with others as I have plenty to go around

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I have hope that we will get through all of these challenges that we face as a planet and that we will survive and be stronger. I know we will because we have to do so.

I have hope that we will see courageous people do inspirational things, to go beyond what is necessary and required, to lend a helping hand to those who need it. This hope builds me in every day when I read the news, when I hear reports on television, and when the radio announcers spread the joyful reports of individuals thinking so much for others and helping them while expecting nothing in return.


I have faith in my fellow neighbor, friend, co-worker, and shopper that we will do the right thing for each other. Today I was in a store and the person one line over said he didn’t have enough cash for his order. The man behind him said, “ I got you, brother” and paid for him. That was a positive moment.

I know that our faith in each other and in our religions will guide us strong in these difficult weeks and months ahead. We will lean on our faith in the goodness of others. We will look toward our other types of faith and they will be there for us.


I will see that people will show compassion for the needs of others, especially the vulnerable among us. And I will do my part to be compassionate and offer to help.

If I hear that people I know are hurting in some way, I will reach out to offer whatever I can do. If not money, maybe I can help in other ways. There are ideas and suggestions for others that can go a long way, that they have not yet considered or know about.


I will power up my strength right away and be a rock in my own household, and I will do my best to show this to my friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors.

I know that I will see strength in others every single day. I will look for it and I know that it will not be hard to find, from the exhausted doctors and nurses, to the tired public servants, to the grocery store employees working day or night.


Last but not least, I know that our hearts and minds are going to fill up with resolve and determination. This world calamity and economic struggle is not going to break me, no not at all, and I am going to stand up to it no matter what it throws at me.

I know I will see this resolve in others too, in every country on the planet. A lot of trouble has come our way in a worry, but we can take it. You can knock us down but we will get up again and fight, and win, and survive.

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