Yes, You Need To Take The Time To Review Your Security Measures And Safety Protocols

It is always a good time to protect yourself and your loved ones

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It’s a beautiful day. Things are looking good and the weather is nice. People have jobs and unemployment is low.

It is this kind of situation where people can get fooled into a false sense of security. That is why you need to review your personal security details.

What does this mean? It has to do with the steps you take or don’t take to protect yourself and family members from physical harm or financial troubles.

I am not a security expert, for sure, so these suggestions are general in nature, based on my personal experiences and perspective. Your needs and concerns may vary. And you may want to hire a company to advise you on these matters, as needed or necessary.

  1. Shopping. Do you shop alone? This can be dangerous. A lot of people are robbed of their purses or bags when they shop alone. Try to do your shopping with others and always be vigilant against thieves.
  2. Computer passwords. This one is crucial. Are you still using the same email password from years ago? And do you use the same password for your computer login as for your email? If so, you need to change your passwords and keep them different.
  3. Home security. You should remember that other people are watching you in your neighborhood. They can tell if or when you are leaving town. Keep your garage closed when you do your packing for vacations.
  4. Vehicle safety. Locks are important for your vehicles. Use them when you leave your car and use them while inside your vehicle.
  5. Banking. Your bank account is extremely important. Keep your login information a secret and make your password difficult to crack.
  6. Investing. You should determine your own risk tolerance. If you are younger, maybe more stocks than bonds might work for you, or maybe not.
  7. Neighborhood. Safety is everyone’s job in neighborhoods. Speak up at HOA meetings and plan how to increase safety.
  8. Traveling. In the world of travel, you have got to keep safe. Always hold onto your luggage and never let it out of sight. Keep wallets, purses and important documents safe from criminals.

These are just a few ideas to help you build your awareness of your safety. You don’t have to be overly afraid and paranoid, but remember that there are real dangers in the world.

Do your part to be vigilant against thieves and dangerous situations. We can help remind each other how to be safer. We can do this together.

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