You Are Great And You Need To Shine In The Spotlight

Your strengths often go unseen

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Greatness is a part of all of us. I don’t mean that as a common generalization, not at all, but as a real truth.

How can all of us be great? It just doesn’t seem possible or realistic, but it is. I say it is absolutely true.

Recently my cousins experienced the loss of their only child, a baby girl who lived a life of only eight weeks. On the day she died, after the hospital staff couldn’t save her, the physician said to her parents, “Her body was just too fragile. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

I say that this little girl was very strong, because she was born with many physical challenges that made her short life quite difficult. We could not see the strengths she possessed, but they were there.

I also say that her parents and grandparents also had great inner powers, because to be able to love the child and then lose her takes a level of fortitude that I can barely fathom.

What strengths do you not see in those around you? You may not know it, but the person who goes every day to a stressful job that he or she doesn’t like, but tries to make the best of, is very strong in my book. There is no reward beyond the paycheck, but it takes strength to stay there as long as possible.

Do you take the time to think about the emotional labor done by others in your household? It takes a delicate touch and a patient manner to be polite in difficult social situations. It is hard work to listen patiently when another is in the wrong.

What spotlight do you deserve? We may not be great all the time, but I am damn sure that each of us is great at least once on a regular basis, if not more.

Did you ever get a job when the other applicants did not? You deserve the spotlight.

Did you ever win a prize when nobody else did? You deserve the spotlight.

Did you ever clean house and do shopping when you didn’t feel like it at all? You deserve the spotlight.

Remind yourself that you deserve the spotlight sometimes. Remember the things you do that help your household, even when others don’t see it. Believe that you have strengths and that you deserve to shine.

I am cheering for you. I know you will shine and enjoy your time in the spotlight. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen as long as you keep believing in your own value.

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