Your New Quixotic Quicksand

Darrin Atkins
2 min readSep 11

It is destined to bring you down in life in ways you never could have predicted

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“It’s a trap," they warned.

“There is no way out,” you replied.

In this life, there is all kinds of quicksand that you need to avoid. Not the real kind so much, but the figurative variety that will pull you into bad situations.

I used to live in the south, over in South Carolina. More than once we found ourselves near swamps and sure enough we encountered quicksand.

“Don’t move and be still," was the advice we got from everybody. "Don’t struggle or fight it and stay calm too.”

Staying calm is not easy to do when you find yourself caught in quicksand. It’s a terrible feeling and panic comes fast. Every body movement pulls you deeper and into more danger.

But if you want to survive, you need to know what to do and how to get through it. Hopefully, some people are with you and can help save you.

Your Personal Quicksand

What in your life is pulling you down into the earth with no chance of escape? If there is nothing right now, then that is good news for you. But there could be something, some risk or danger, that you may not be considering.

Here are some types of life quicksand that could affect you:

  • Financial problems
  • Job insecurity
  • Child custody matters
  • Relationship concerns
  • Emotional trauma
  • Legal problems
  • Physical conditions or ailments

Think of quicksand in modern life as hidden dangers that slowly drag you down in life. They are not sudden, like a robbery or physical attack. These slow dangers are heavy and drain the strength out of you over periods of time.

What is your personal quicksand? I know a few of mine that I need to remember. After all, these are just the ones I know about, and there are others that I cannot predict and cannot prepare for.

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